Class TapeDriveConf

  • public class TapeDriveConf
    extends java.lang.Object
    Tape drive that read and write in the tape cartridge
    • Constructor Detail

      • TapeDriveConf

        public TapeDriveConf()
    • Method Detail

      • getIndex

        public java.lang.Integer getIndex()
      • setIndex

        public void setIndex​(java.lang.Integer index)
      • getDevice

        public java.lang.String getDevice()
      • setDevice

        public void setDevice​(java.lang.String device)
      • getMtPath

        public java.lang.String getMtPath()
      • setMtPath

        public void setMtPath​(java.lang.String mtPath)
      • getDdPath

        public java.lang.String getDdPath()
      • setDdPath

        public void setDdPath​(java.lang.String ddPath)
      • getTarPath

        public java.lang.String getTarPath()
      • setTarPath

        public void setTarPath​(java.lang.String tarPath)
      • setReadWritePriority

        public void setReadWritePriority​(ReadWritePriority readWritePriority)
      • getTimeoutInMilliseconds

        public long getTimeoutInMilliseconds()
      • setTimeoutInMilliseconds

        public void setTimeoutInMilliseconds​(long timeoutInMilliseconds)
      • isUseSudo

        public boolean isUseSudo()
      • setUseSudo

        public void setUseSudo​(boolean useSudo)