Class StorageGetResult

  • public class StorageGetResult
    extends StorageObjectResult
    Holds result data that come as a result of a request to retrieve an object on the distant storage offer
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      StorageGetResult​(java.lang.Integer tenantId, java.lang.String type, java.lang.String guid, object)
      Initialize the needed parameters for get results
    • Constructor Detail

      • StorageGetResult

        public StorageGetResult​(java.lang.Integer tenantId,
                                java.lang.String type,
                                java.lang.String guid,
        Initialize the needed parameters for get results
        tenantId - The request tenantId
        type - the type The request type
        guid - the object guid
        object - Response of the object in the offer
    • Method Detail

      • getObject

        public getObject()
        the object Response