Interface StorageOfferHACapabilityProvider

  • public interface StorageOfferHACapabilityProvider
    This interface aims to provide a set of methods (or adjust some ones in StorageOfferProvider) that offer some HA (High Availability) capabilities : Through manual or automatic failover mechanism to make an offer in inactive state

    no concerns of the offer configuration persistence implementation (ie: implementation could be Filesystem, Database...)

    • Method Detail

      • getStorageOfferForHA

        StorageOffer getStorageOfferForHA​(java.lang.String idOffer,
                                          boolean includeDisabled)
                                   throws StorageException
        Retrieve an offer full configuration by its id, may include disabled one ( ActivationStatus.INACTIVE)
        idOffer - the id of the storage offer to retrieve
        includeDisabled - whether to include offer with inactive state
        an object representation of a storage offer
        StorageException - if any unwanted technical issue happens