Class PrepareBulkAtomicUpdate

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    VitamAutoCloseable, WorkerAction, java.lang.AutoCloseable

    public class PrepareBulkAtomicUpdate
    extends ActionHandler
    Prepare execute execute each query in query.json. Queries are executed in bulks, each bulk is run concurrently is a thread pool. Queries are updated with access contract restrictions. Query projection is set to "_id" field only. Queries with internal fields are blocked ==> Report WARNING in batch report Queries result size is limited to 2. - If a single entry is found ==> Happy path, we append unitId to distribution file - No entries found ==> Report WARNING in batch report (no unit found) - 2 entries found ==> Report WARNING in batch report (multiple units found) Report entries are buffered and sent as bulks to BatchReport (to reduce IOs to BatchReport) Distribution file entries are buffered and written to disk in bulks (to reduce IO contention)
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        public static final java.lang.String PREPARE_BULK_ATOMIC_UPDATE_UNIT_LIST_PLUGIN_NAME
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      • PrepareBulkAtomicUpdate

        public PrepareBulkAtomicUpdate()