Interface ArchiveUnitProfileService

    • Method Detail

      • createArchiveUnitProfiles

        RequestResponse<ArchiveUnitProfileModel> createArchiveUnitProfiles​(java.util.List<ArchiveUnitProfileModel> profileModelList)
                                                                    throws VitamException
        Create a collections of profile After passing the validation steps. If all the profiles are valid, they are stored in the collection and indexed.
        The profiles are not valid in the following situations :
        • The collection contains 2 ore many profile having the same identifier
        • One or more mandatory field is missing
        • A field has an invalid format
        • One or many profile already exist in the database
        profileModelList - the list of profiles to be created
        RequestResponseOK if success or VitamError
        VitamException - if in error occurs while validating contracts
      • updateArchiveUnitProfile

        RequestResponse updateArchiveUnitProfile​(java.lang.String id,
                                                 com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode queryDsl)
                                          throws VitamException
        Update an archive unit profile after passing validation steps :
        Field modified :
        • - ActivationDate
        • - DesactivationDate
        • - LastUpdate
        • - Status
        id - identifier of the archive unit profile to update
        queryDsl - the given dsl for update
        RequestResponseOK on success or VitamError else
        VitamException - if in error occurs while validating contracts