Class DriverManagerConfiguration

  • public class DriverManagerConfiguration
    extends java.lang.Object
    DriverManager configuration mapper
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      java.lang.String getDriverLocation()
      Get driver location
      void setDriverLocation​(java.lang.String driverLocation)
      Set the driver location
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DriverManagerConfiguration

        public DriverManagerConfiguration()
        DriverManagerConfiguration empty constructor for YAMLFactory
      • DriverManagerConfiguration

        public DriverManagerConfiguration​(java.lang.String driverLocation)
        driverLocation - the directory path to host drivers jar
    • Method Detail

      • getDriverLocation

        public java.lang.String getDriverLocation()
        Get driver location
        the directory path to host drivers jar
      • setDriverLocation

        public void setDriverLocation​(java.lang.String driverLocation)
        Set the driver location
        driverLocation - the directory to host drivers jar