Class TarHelper

  • public final class TarHelper
    extends java.lang.Object
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      static readEntryAtPos​( fileInputStream, TarEntryDescription entryDescription)
      Gets an input stream for a specific tar entry.
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      • TarHelper

        public TarHelper()
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      • readEntryAtPos

        public static readEntryAtPos​( fileInputStream,
                                                         TarEntryDescription entryDescription)
        Gets an input stream for a specific tar entry. Entry size & entry name & digest are validated to ensure data coherence.
        fileInputStream - file input stream of the tar file to read from. It is NOT closed by this method and must closed by caller.
        entryDescription - the tar entry description (file position, size, digest...)
        Tar entry input stream. Closing this input streams does NOT close inner fileInputStream.
        Throws: - if any IO error occurs