Class WorkspaceFileSystem

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      Constructor Description
      WorkspaceFileSystem​(StorageConfiguration configuration)
      Default constructor Define the root of workspace with the storagePath property from configuration
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      void checkWorkspaceFile​(java.lang.String... paths)  
      void compress​(java.lang.String containerName, java.util.List<java.lang.String> folderNames, java.lang.String zipName, java.lang.String outputContainer)  
      java.lang.String computeObjectDigest​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String objectName, DigestType algo)
      compute Object Digest using a defined algorithm
      long countObjects​(java.lang.String containerName)
      Determines if a container exists
      void createContainer​(java.lang.String containerName)
      Creates a container
      void createFolder​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String folderName)
      Creates a folder (or a directory) marker depending on the service
      void deleteContainer​(java.lang.String containerName, boolean recursive)
      Deletes everything inside a container recursively.
      void deleteFolder​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String folderName)
      Deletes a folder (or a directory) marker depending on the service
      void deleteObject​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String objectName)
      Deletes a object representing the data at location containerName/objectName
      ContainerInformation getContainerInformation​(java.lang.String containerName)
      Get container information like capacity
      java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​FileParams> getFilesWithParamsFromFolder​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String folderName)
      This method get all files in folder and return a map with the uri as a key and the value is a FileParams that contains whatever it needs.
      java.util.List<> getListUriDigitalObjectFromFolder​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String folderName)
      Retrieves recursively the uri list of object inside a folder rootFolder/subfolder/ getObject​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String objectName, java.lang.Long chunkOffset, java.lang.Long maxChunkSize)
      Retrieves an object representing the data at location containerName/objectName
      com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode getObjectInformation​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String objectName)
      Retrieves information about an object at location containerName/objectName
      boolean isExistingContainer​(java.lang.String containerName)
      Determines if a container exists
      boolean isExistingFolder​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String folderName)
      Determines if a folder (or a directory) exists
      boolean isExistingObject​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String objectName)
      Determines if an object exists
      void purgeContainer​(java.lang.String containerName)
      Deletes the contents of a container at its root path without deleting the container
      void purgeOldFilesInContainer​(java.lang.String containerName, TimeToLive timeToLive)  
      void putAtomicObject​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String objectName, stream, long size)  
      void putObject​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String objectName, stream)
      Adds an object representing the data at location containerName/objectName
      void uncompressObject​(java.lang.String containerName, java.lang.String folderName, java.lang.String archiveMimeType, inputStreamObject)
      create container: will be identified by GUID and extract objects and push it on the container
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