Class StorageClientFactory

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    public class StorageClientFactory
    extends VitamClientFactory<StorageClient>

    StorageClient factory

    Use to get a storage client in function of its type. Example :

         // Retrieve default storage client
         StorageClient client = StorageClientFactory.getInstance().getStorageClient();
         // Exists
         client.exists(tenantId, strategyId);
    You can change the type of the client to get. The types are define into the enum StorageClient. Use the changeDefaultClientType method to change the client type.
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        public static final java.lang.String RESOURCE_PATH
        Default path
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      • getInstance

        public static StorageClientFactory getInstance()
        Get the StorageClientFactory instance
        the instance
      • getClient

        public StorageClient getClient()
        Get the default storage client
        the default storage client